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Specializing in precision rubber and plastic parts

How could you ensure the quality excellent?1

Don't worry about the quality of our products. Our products are manufactured through the strict production process, and there are special QC departments to check the quality of products, and ensure the quality of products is excellent.

Why does it take 4-6 weeks for tooling and samples?

Tooling and sample lead time are 4-6 weeks because the tool must first be produced. There is a trial on a tool and most often there has to be a new tool made or a tweak made to the existing tooling. This might take a couple of times to get the correct part. Once the tool is ready, we then have to run the samples and get all of the supporting documentation prepared and ready to send to you for part approval.

Do you do PPAPs?1

Yes, we do PPAPs. This information should be communicated to JWT Rubber when the request for quotation is submitted, along with any other information pertinent (i.e., testing) to the form/fit/function of the part.

Do you work with plastics?

Yes, we do work with plastics, both Injection and molded.

What kind of tolerances can you hold on your molded rubber parts?

The tolerances of our molded rubber parts will depend on the specific application. We can quote the appropriate tolerances once the application is determined.

What are JWT Rubber's strengths?

JWT Rubber focuses on meeting the most demanding specifications of your rubber applications while ensuring the highest level of quality, customer service and on-time delivery at a competitive price.