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How to Soften Rubber

How to Soften Rubber

1. Check rubber objects regularly for hardening

Slowly but surely, any rubber object, be it your car windshield wiper blades or the elastic waistband of your favorite pajama pants, will harden over time. Evidence of white or colored substances on the rubber can be one indication of a chemical reaction taking place.

2.Examine the rubber for signs of damage

Cracked rubber will remain cracked even when it’s softened. Once cracks form, your only options will be to try out a rubber patch kit or to simply replace the rubber object. There is no miracle cure by this point.

3.Keep rubber objects clean.
There is only so much you can do to keep oxygen, temperature fluctuations, and light away from rubber, but wiping away residue can help keep deteriorating oils from damaging the object.

4.Seal rubber in an airtight container to delay hardening.
If possible, remove as much air (and thus oxygen) from the container as you can before sealing it.

5.Place the container in cool, dry , dark place.
The same place you might store apples or potatoes would actually make a decent place to also keep your bagged-up sneakers.

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