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Silicone Rubber Product Benefits/Advantages

Silicone Rubber Product Benefits/Advantages

Silicone rubber product now has became more and more popular in our daily life, we can find it when we open our passive radiator speaker/ audio, or using our bottles(the seal in lid) and any other plcae. But maybe you still have no idea about the benefits.
Because of silicone rubber has various kinds and every kind has it own special benefits, now, i would like to share the common benefits.  And at the end of this article, there will be one small color egg. Aha.

1. Hight temperature resistance: 

Normally, it has this characteristic, so it can be used in aviation industry and electronic industry. 

                                                                             colorful silicone rubber circle and seal
2. Abrasive resistance and high elastic: 
Generally speaking, both silicone rubber material and natural rubber material all have high elastic and abrasive resistance, so it is the best choice in cross-country tires and weight-loading tires. 
                                                                                                       silicone rubber tire
3. Oil resistance: Actually, the silicone rubber material’s oil resistance is better than the natural rubber material, and it is widly used in making the oil resistance tube and seal and some other mats. 
                                                                                                    oil resistance tube
4. Envirement friendly: Now more and more countries want their people to use the envirement friendly material in manufacture and daily life. Silicone rubber is chemistry stable and green, so it is nice to protect our envirement and health to our body. Such as the silicone rubber straw.
Well, it still has many other benefits,  next time i will explain more details about it.  In sofar as the mention of healthy material, i would like to share some message about chinese medicine. People always say that 8 cups water one day is necessary for our healthy, but we must according the actual situation do judge this sentence, when your kindey is not good enough, overload drinking water will make edema, so just to do healthy behavior dialectical. 
but if you have any needs in silicone&rubber product, pls coonect with us immediatly. 
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