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Custom one Push Silicone Keypad Button


1, the load pressure: 20 to 500 grams

2, silicone keys, contact resistance less than 150 ohms.

3, life: 0.5 to 30 million times.

4, work temperature: Celsius – 20 degrees to 180 degrees.

5, silicone keyboard keys, storage temperature: – 30 to 250 degrees Celsius.

6, waterproof silicone buttons, contact rate: 5 microamps at 12 VDC and 20 million cycles with 0.5 seconds left.

7, elastic contact: less than 12 million times.

8, Insulation resistance: more than 10 12th, ohm in 500 VDC.

9, insulating ability: 25 to 30 kv/mm.


What Is A silicone keypad? 

Silicone keys are a product of silicone products, silicone keys with excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, environmental resistance, electrical insulation, fatigue resistance and so on.Silicone keys are often used in electronic calculators, remote control systems, telephones, wireless telephones, computer keyboards, learning machine keys, password keys, digital product keys which;Silicone keys, single-point silicone keys, remote control silicone keys, conductive silicone keys, cell phone silicone keys, touch silicone keys, translucent silicone keys, keyboard keys, password keys, car buttons, film keys, laser keys, reset button , Home button, pc button, learning machine keys, pos machine keys, password keys, digital products button, p + r button, etc


Product features:

1) Material: high quality silicone rubber.

2) Finishing: epoxy treatment, spraying, printing, matt, smoth, laser etching, etc.

3) With conductive carbon piece or metal piece.

4) Kinds of color, size, packing are available here.

5) You are welcome to your own design.



Customized Silicone Rubber Buttons with Help Printing

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