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Strengthen the bass and stereo sound, bring you the excellent experience of stereo sound!

Passive radiators are used in home stereo speakers, subwoofer cabinets and car audio speaker systems, particularly in cases where there is not enough space for a port or vent system.



  • – Made of high-quality rubber, durable
  • – High sensitivity and resolution
  • – Super Articulation Voice
  • – Easy to install


How Passive Radiators Work

A passive radiator speaker is a simple device that increases the low -frequency response (Bass) of a speaker system*. When used properly, a passive radiator can give a speaker system the comparable performance characteristics of a much larger system; that’s the point, in a nutshell.


A lot of air needs to be moved in order to produce audible bass frequencies. Traditionally, when it comes to bass production, a larger woofer meant louder, clearer bass. Passive radiator technology has broken this tradition.


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Passive Radiator for Sound 2pcs-77x46mm-Bass-Speaker-Passive-Radiator-Auxiliary-Bass

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