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JWT Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, and has 10+ years experience of in OEM&ODM silicone product customizing, we provide one-stop OEM/ODM solutions including proposals, quality assurance, customization, R&D, and manufacturing service. we can be the best considerate silicone product manufacturer partner for you!

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Our Silicone Foam Application

Silicone rubber foam is a kind of silicone foam with excellent compression resistance and permanent deformation.

The material has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures (-55-220 ℃), high flame retardant (V-0), and very low smoke concentration.

At the same time, it has excellent aging resistance and weather resistance and is an ideal material for shock absorption, buffering, sound insulation, protection, insulation, and fire prevention.

Widely used in aviation, electronics, chemicals, machinery, electrical appliances, and so on.

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We can provide the silicone foam sheet with different shapes, different sizes, different colors, different thickness

Our process

JWT offers one-stop custom services for silicone foam, we can do the processes for actual product needs. And as a manufacturer of silicone rubber injection molding and LSR injection molding, we can also do the processes such as design, silicone mixing, silicone rubber injection molding, burrs removal, punching, spraying paint, Screen/Pad printing, back adhesive, quality inspection, and so on.

JWT Workshop (15)

Silicone mixing

JWT Workshop (20)

Spraying painting


Adhesive backing

JWT Workshop (26)

Injection molding

JWT Workshop (24)

Screen printing

JWT Workshop (32)

Quality inspection

JWT Workshop (12)

Burrs removal

JWT Workshop (12)

Burrs removal


Testing lab

JWT Workshop (13)



Laser etching

OEM audio accessories & ODM audio accessories (6)

Finished product

Our advantage for customize your products

R&D team

R&D team

More than 10 years experience in silicone industrial

Based on work flow

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Workflow is the most important management system to control the products quality

Production machine

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With 50 meters of silicone foam production machines, 5 layers automatic production line

Management system

management system

Using a flat management mode, information transmission is timely and efficient.

Self-developed machine

JWT Workshop (23)

We can self-developed machine for fitting different products requirement

Product cost


Relying on technical advantages, the cost is less than the industry factory of the same scale and above.

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