• Why You Should Choose Silicone-Rubber Keypads

    Silicone-rubber keypads are incredibly soft and comfortable to use when compared to other materials. While other materials are hard and difficult to use, silicone rubber is soft and rubbery. It’s also worth mentioning that silicone=rubber keypads are resistant to extreme temperatures. Whether the...
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  • Mechanics of Silicone-Rubber Keypads

    Although there are different ways to design silicone-rubber keypads, most feature a similar format consisting of silicone rubber material around an electronic switch in the center. At the bottom of the silicone rubber material is conductive material, such as carbon or gold. Below this conductive ...
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  • Everything You Need to Know About Silicone-Rubber Keypads

    Silicone-rubber keypads have become a popular choice among business owners and mechanical engineers. Also known as elastomeric keypads, they live up to their namesake by featuring a soft silicone rubber construction. While most other keypads are made of plastic, these are made of silicone-rubber....
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