• Oval Mini Bass Radiator
  • Oval Mini Bass Radiator
  • Oval Mini Bass Radiator

Oval Mini Bass Radiator


Bass Radiator is designed for Bass radiator subwoofers or also called passive radiator subwoofers, Easy to installed


  • Material: Rubber + metal, Rubber+Iron, Rubber + Aluminum
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Speaker Type: Portable
  • RoHS Compliance: YES
  • Packing: EPE foam, Styrofoam or Blister packaging
  • Product Description

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    Passive Radiator

    A passive radiator system uses the sound otherwise trapped in the enclosure to excite a resonance that makes it easier for the speaker system to create the deepest pitches

    Bass radiator, also known as a "drone cone", for replacing the inverted tube or subwoofer with the radiator and the traditional back subwoofer.

    Air turbulence noise is no longer an issue, when air rapidly escapes the pipe at high volumes.No more high frequencies reflected out the port.

    Passive radiators operate in conjunction with the active driver at low frequencies, sharing the acoustic load and reduce the excursion of the driver.


    Durable and practical passive radiator
    Bass Boost
    Excellent experience of stereo sound
    Low-frequency passive radiator
    High sensitivity
    High resolution
    Convenient debugging
    Increase the lower potential of the bass
    Reduce the excursion of the driver
    Excite a resonance to create the deepest pitches

    Passive radiators can be used to provide a more natural and balanced sound in car audio systems, as they can compensate for the acoustical deficiencies of the vehicle's interior.

    Passive radiators are typically used to enhance low-frequency response in speaker systems.

    Passive radiators are similar to conventional drivers but do not have a voice coil or magnet.

    Cooperation Brands

    stainless steel
    zincification sheet

    Inner packing: EPE foam, Styrofoam or Blister packaging
    Outer packing: Master carton

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